With stage 4 restrictions now in place, eligible workers are required to carry a permit with them when travelling to and from work in Melbourne. The requirement is in effect as of Wednesday 11.59pm on 5 August.

Employers are responsible for organising permits for their staff. Permits can be issued if the business is on the list of permitted activities and the employee is working in an approved category for on-site work. Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars are allowed to offer takeaway and delivery.

Employers need to download a permit, print and sign or sign electronically, and then have the employee sign it. Businesses should choose an authorised person, such as CEO, general manager, operations manager or HR manager to organise and sign permits. They will be accountable for ensuring correct details are listed and could be contacted by Victoria police.

Businesses with multiple venues can designate authorised person to organise permits for each site, however, it is recommended employers minimise the need for workers to attend different sites. Staff who do work across multiple venues must keep a log.

Franchisees who are listed as the employer under the franchise agreement are responsible for issuing permits.

Employees must carry the permit on them when travelling to and from work, as well as photo ID. Electronic copies can be shown to enforcement agencies if requested.

Employees can travel to work once without a permit in order to pick their first permit up.

For casual workers who don’t have regular hours may need permits for specific dates and employees who are called-in for unexpected last minute shifts should carry the worker permit they have been issued. Authorities will call to verify an employee is on their way to an extra shift.

Penalties will apply to individuals (up to $19,826) and businesses (up to $99,132) who breach the requirements of the Worker Permit Scheme. There will also be on-the-spot fines of up to $1,652 (for individuals) and up to $9,913 (for businesses) for anyone who breaches the scheme requirements, including employers and employees who do not carry their worker permit when travelling to and from work.

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