Robert “Bob” Oatley, founder of the Rosemount Estate winery has died at age 87.

Oatley, who founded Rosemount Estate in 1969, grew the business substantially over three decades, becoming the second-biggest selling Australian wine brand in the US and Australia’s largest family owned winery. As reported by Fairfax, the business was sold to Treasury Wine Estates for $1.4 billion in 2001.

Commenting on Oatley’s passing, president of the AHA NSW, Scott Leach said that hoteliers across Australia have “lost a friend today”.

“Bob Oatley made a defining contribution to hospitality and tourism in this country over decades,” said Leach.

“He was a man of vision who had the courage of his convictions, which were underpinned by his spirit of philanthropy and love of Australia and his family.

“On behalf of the industry I extend our condolences to the Oatley family.”

Oatley is survived by his wife Valerie and three children Sandy, Ian and Ros.


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