As of February 2016, the William Angliss Institute will offer a new Bachelor of Food Studies aimed at students who are interested in the sustainable and ethical production of food.

The degree will use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide students with insights into the challenges facing government, industry and communities on how to best feed the population. Students will explore the relationship between food, agriculture, policy and health, gaining a deep understanding of all aspects of the food system.

The program will be inclusive of visits to farms, farmers’ markets, community gardens and food enterprises. Opportunities for graduates range from next generation of educators and food innovators, to community food planners, food policy advisors, kitchen garden educators, farmers market coordinators and specialist food retailers.

“Food Studies is a thriving field of study that cultivates fertile ground for understanding how our food and drink choices—what we consume, how, where and why—shape the world, says Associate Director Higher Education and Quality Dr Paul A. Whitelaw.

“Farmers markets, regional food hubs and other food-based social enterprises are areas of future growth. With its lively food scene, Melbourne is the perfect place to specialise in food studies with so many of these organisations already established and growing.

“Building on our strong traditions in culinary artistry and gastronomy, Food Studies students at William Angliss Institute will gain access to a unique blend of hands-on cookery, sensory education, fermentation and crafting practices as part of the curriculum,” Dr Whitelaw said.


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