Getting your internal communications right in the hospitality sector can be complicated. Business systems — particularly those that focus on communication — are pretty archaic and have been limited to email.

Digital tools and platforms have revolutionised the way we communicate in our everyday lives, leading to the presence of shadow IT and consumer-focused products.

So what can businesses do to get ahead and create an environment that fosters communication and collaboration?


Internal comms are a necessity

The need for robust comms tools has never been important, but there are an alarming number of workplaces holding on to legacy communication systems instead of embracing contemporary alternatives.

In some businesses, their idea of internal comms is asking managers to hang an email in the break room for employees to initial once they’ve read it.

We’re beginning to see a shift in strategy that encourages meaningful dialogue within businesses that gives a voice to everyone, from the casual Friday server to the owner.


Top down and bottom up

Today, businesses are becoming increasingly conscious of the fact conventional communications tools and methods often lend themselves to a top-down style of communication.

As the culture of communications becomes more connection-driven, businesses are recognising the value of building communities from within and empowering employees to connect with one another regardless of their seniority.

Your front-of-house staff may have the strongest insights into your best customers — don’t you want to hear what they have to say?

Facebook understands the benefits of connecting individuals and communities alike and created Workplace by Facebook to help employers service the challenge.

By adopting robust and contemporary internal communications platforms, businesses can overcome communication challenges while reinvigorating culture and supporting a more efficient and productive workforce.


What to look for in an internal communications tool

An effective platform should deliver content across a variety of mediums. Communications need to transcend text, instant messaging, live video, chat groups and much more. This is how individuals choose to consume information at home so it makes sense that the most effective internal communications strategies at work are those that align with these existing preferences.

Ben Gould is the enterprise growth manager ANZ at Workplace by Facebook




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