Coronavirus Supplement: What hospitality workers need to know

24 March, 2020 by
Hospitality Magazine

The government has announced it will provide a temporary Coronavirus Supplement from 27 April 2020 for a six-month period to eligible new and existing income support recipients. But what does it all mean and who is eligible?

We break it down.


What is it?

The supplement is an additional payment of $550 a fortnight to new and existing income recipients. This means people who already receive welfare will receive their usual payment plus the supplement.


People who currently receive the JobSeeker Payment, Sickness Allowance, Youth Allowance for jobseekers, Parenting Payment Partnered, Parenting Payment Single, Partner Allowance and Farm Household allowance will be provided with the Coronavirus Supplement.



The government has expanded eligibility and qualification criteria for payments beyond those receiving the JobSeeker Payment and Youth Allowance for jobseekers, which means the below can apply for assistance:

  • sole traders and self-employed people. They will be able to meet mutual obligation requirements by continuing to operate their businesses.
  • people caring for someone infected or in isolation as a result of contact with Coronvirus.

Requirements waived

The government has confirmed it will waive the assets test, the Ordinary Waiting Period (until 12 June 2020), the Liquid Assets Waiting Period, the Seasonal Workers Preclusion Period and the Newly Arrived Residents Waiting Period for certain payments.

From 27 April 2020, the requirement for an Employment Separation Certificate, proof of rental arrangements and verification of relationship status will also be removed.

Those who want to apply for income support have been encouraged to apply through myGov, which is now equipped to deal with 55,000 users. Applicants will need a CRN number.

It’s estimated 88,000 hospitality workers have lost their jobs in the past few days.

Image credit: Australian Geographic