A Lidcome restaurant has had its liquor license suspended for 21 days after serving spirits to a group of teenagers.

The restaurant, Palbok House, has become the fourth NSW venue to have its liquor licence suspended for serving alcohol to minors, with The Royal Hotel in Temora becoming the first to face a suspension under the escalated sanctions scheme in June.

At 9.50pm on 10 April 2015, Police observed four young people eating and drinking soju (a Korean spirit) at the restaurant with one adult. Police asked to see identification from the group which only the adult could provide.

The restaurant’s approved manager had supplied the minors with three bottles of soju and shot glasses. The manager admitted not asking for age identification before serving them alcohol despite completing a responsible service of alcohol (RSA) course only six months prior.

Together with a 21 day suspension, the venue was served with two infringement notices totalling $2200, has incurred a first strike under the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme, and has been ordered to implement a plan of management.

Palbok House’s licquor license has been suspended by OLGR  from 10am 26 November, until 10.30pm on Wednesday 16 December 2015.

Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) director of compliance and enforcement, Anthony Keon said that serving alcohol to minors is a serious offence, and that venues that hold a liquor licence carry a high level of responsibility in relation to preventing the sale of alcohol to minors.

“Preventing the sale of alcohol to minors is easily achieved by requiring customers to produce a valid evidence of age document prior to being served,” says Keon.

“Licensees and managers of licensed venues must take all reasonable steps to ensure there are controls in place to minimise and prevent the sale of alcohol to minors – or they will face serious consequences.”

Following the introduction of new laws by the NSW Government last December, licensees can have their liquor licences suspended for up to 28 days for convictions of serving alcohol to minors. 


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