Hospitality workers in Victoria must be fully vaccinated before they return to work.

The last-minute mandate was confirmed just two days before the state gears up to reopen after its sixth lockdown.

According to vaccine mandates released on 1 October, workers needed to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before commencing work and the second dose by 26 November.

However, a roadmap released last Sunday detailed an updated vaccine requirement which confirms all staff need to be fully vaxxed.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews apologised for any confusion and confirmed the mandate on Tuesday.

“Staff need to be double vaccinated,” said Premier Andrews.

“I don’t think that anyone would find fault with the logic that says if I must be double-dosed to sit down and order a beer or a glass of wine, then the person who’s serving me needs to be double-dosed also.”

It’s left many businesses in a precarious position as they prepare to reopen after the lockdown ends at 11:59pm tonight.

The Australian Hotels Association Victoria has slammed the move, calling on the government to rethink the mandate, however it’s been confirmed there will be no changes to the rules.

“Members who were ordering stock, rostering staff on the previous timing schedule for vaccination, only to then be told yesterday that is in jeopardy – they are furious,” AHA Victoria CEO Paddy O’Sullivan told AAP.

“Staff are distraught, having been basically on and off their workplace for the last 18 months or more. It is very, very upsetting.”

There’s also been a flip on workers returning to venues to set up prior to the reopening.

Originally, workers were not able to leave their homes due to the curfew, however, the government has now confirmed they will be able to travel to their workplaces today.

Image credit: Time Out