Melbourne chef Victor Liong

You can now eat Victor Liong’s food in London thanks to a collaboration with Bao.

The Lee Ho Fook chef has joined Bao’s Rice Error series, which sees culinary figures from across the globe submit a recipe for the restaurant’s takeaway/delivery menu.

“The founder sent me a message asking me if I wanted to send a recipe for their program, so if you’re in London, you can eat Lee Ho Fook for the month,” Liong tells Hospitality.

Liong’s dish sees a soy-glazed duck leg teamed with ginger spring onion relish, cucumber and Chi Shang rice dressed with soy caramelised onions, braised taro and shiitake mushroom sauce.

Melbourne-based Liong describes himself as a “longtime listener, first-time caller” of the team behind Bao and the group’s other restaurants in the UK including Xu.

“I’ve always been a big fan of their style of hospitality and it’s cool to do a guest series remotely,” he says. “Chefs can’t work from home, but if you’re good enough, your recipe should be bulletproof and someone else can do it for you.”

The collaboration has been a full-circle experience for Lee Ho Fook, which has had a connection to the city from the get-go.

“Lee Ho Fook was named after the song Werewolves of London, so it’s cool to have [my food in] London.”

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