Sokyo’s Chase Kojima and Lee Ho Fook’s Victor Liong have teamed up to launch a new restaurant with The Star.

Located in the former site of Flying Fish at Jones Bay Wharf, Chuuka revolves around Chinese-Japanese cuisine with a focus on local produce.

Chuuka marks the first off-site restaurant for The Star and the first time Kojima and Liong are working together. “It’s great to work with different people and expand your creative horizons,” says Kojima.

No word on official menu items yet, but both Liong and Kojima say they’ve taken a playful and fun approach while drawing on their own signature cooking styles.

“We both have such different backgrounds, which has worked to our advantage in coming up with a truly unique offering,” says Liong. “I think we’ve created a concept that’s interactive and engaging by having a style of cuisine that is familiar, that references our heritages, all the while inserting our combined layers of creativity.”

Chuuka is slated to open in July and will feature a 130-seat dining room across two levels. The ground floor will include 60 seats, a wine room and an outdoor bar and the first floor will house a private dining area that can cater for 70 guests.





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