The Alternative Meat Co., a company that offers plant-based meat alternatives that mimic beef, chicken and pork, has launched a video with comedian Dave Hughes.

The Facebook video takes aim at the idea that eating meat on Australia Day makes you ‘true blue’ by parodying early ‘Eat Lamb’ campaigns by Meat and Livestock Australia, fronted by Sam Kekovich, and coincides with the release of MLA’s latest lamb ad, which celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. 

Although the video doesn’t aim to convince people they should be vegetarian, it does suggests that it’s important to recognise the diversity of Australians’ diets.

 “As Hughsey correctly references, ‘it doesn’t need to moo to be true blue’. Our country has some of the most diverse foods in the world available, so why not throw something vego on the barbie this Australia Day,” said Daniel Epps, general manager at Life Health Foods Australia, the creators of the AMC brand.

While the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found we are still one of the biggest meat eating countries in the world, recent research conducted by Alternative Meat Co. found that 3.9 million Australians are actually actively trying to eat less meat, with the number of Australian’s eating a mostly vegetarian diet growing by more than a third (36%) in the past three years.


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