One of the hospitality industry’s most profitable days, Valentine’s Day has wrapped up for another year and restaurant booking platform OpenTable has released statistics on which demographics tend to be the biggest spenders.

OpenTable found that of the 10.30 million Australians that planned to dine out for Valentine’s Day, Generation Y led the pack with 83 percent of respondents within the bracket stating that they planned to dine out for the occasion. This was followed by 67 percent of respondents within the Generation X age bracket and 54 percent of those in the Baby Boomer bracket.

The research found that over half (54 percent) of the respondents admitted they would be happy to share the occasion with others in the form of a double date, or by including friends in their mealtime celebrations.

The research was conducted in the form of an online survey via Galaxy Research, from a sample of 1,279 respondents aged between 19-64 years. Respondents were distributed throughout Australia including both capital city and non-capital city areas.

“February 14th is one of our biggest dining days of the year,” said Adam Clarke, managing director of OpenTable APAC. “The weekend celebration means there are a range of dining options for people looking to do something a bit different, whether it be a romantic dinner with their partner, a casual meal with friends or a fun double date over lunch.”

Findings from the 2016 OpenTable Valentine’s Day study:

  • Most Australians (69%) planned to spend money on dining out this Valentine’s Day
  • Australians who planned to dine out this Valentine’s Day intended to spend an average of $107 on their meal, including entrees, mains, wine and dessert
  • Having dinner at a restaurant (39%) is the most popular way for Australians to celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • People living in Western Australia are the most likely to say they’re open to dining with other couples or friends on Valentine’s Day
  • Queensland is the state most likely to share their Valentine’s Day experience on social media
  • South Australia is the state most likely to say they strongly agree that Valentine’s Day is overrated   

Fellow restaurant booking platform, Dimmi today released trend data from Valentine’s Day 2016.

The data suggests that overall, bookings were up by 25 percent compared to Valentine's Day 2015 and that reservations were four times higher than the average amount on a regular Sunday. According to Dimmi, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest day on the restaurant calendar, second only to Mother’s Day. Click here to read the full article.

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