Ramen’s star continues to rise with the opening of Hakata Gensuke’s first Perth store.

Named after Fukuoka’s Hakata district — the birthplace of tonkotsu — the Perth opening takes the brand’s Australian venue count to five. Launching in East Vic Park on September 15, Hakata Gensuke will ladle up authentic ramen, lead by Kousuke Yoshimura.

Hailing from Japan, Yoshimura opened his first restaurant in 2004 before expanding globally. In 2011 and 2012 he was named Ultimate Ramen Champion, after his Singapore outlet Ikkousha sold 100,000 bowls of ramen in a year. 

Yoshimura, who developed the secret recipe for tonkotsu ramen — a creamy pork broth — used at Hakata Gensuke, travels to each location regularly, ensuring standards are maintained.

Each venue prepares the soup base using the same, traditional method to ensure each bowl is identical to those found at the Japanese stores, with the master stock taking up to 12 hours to make.

The menu features the signature tonkotsu, with thin noodles, pork chashu, black fungus and spring onions, as well as three variations: the black tonkotsu with fried garlic and black sesame; the lighter shio tonkotsu; and the god fire, which features a blend of spices. Diners can add extra toppings to their bowls, with options including marinated braised pork chashu, seaweed, cabbage and bean shoots, black fungus, bamboo shoots, soy-marinated eggs.

Noodles are also made in-house following a strict process, with options including soft, normal, hard and very hard. Extra noodles can also be ordered. Other bites include pork gyozas and chicken kaarage. 

With seating for 30, the East Vic Park location will have a similar vibe to it’s Melbourne counterparts — think loud staff, quick service and big crowds in tight spaces.

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