Two new industry initiatives have been created to recognise the talented women in Australia’s foodservice and food manufacturing industries.

Announced in late September, Females in Food is a member-based organisation dedicated to empowering women in the food and beverage (F&B) industry by ensuring they have the resources they need to excel and grow their businesses.

The collective is open to all women in F&B, including business executives, producers, entrepreneurs, chefs, brewers, stylists, manufacturers and educators.

Females in Food founder, Chelsea Ford, said the initiative offers women a place where they can seek commercial advice; further their education; and make professional connections.

“I’ve worked in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years and I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be for women to excel,” said Ford.

“It’s not only that it’s a heavily male dominated industry, it also takes really hard work to be a successful entrepreneur, and that can sometimes be a very lonely existence.

“Since our pre-launch via social media in July 2016, Females in Food has attracted interest from women across a range of occupations within the food and beverage industry and from around the world.”

Females in Food aims to attract 20,000 members to its collective in the next five years.

Another recent launch is that of Women in Hospitality, which aims to support women in the foodservice industry by providing them with access to mentors and professional development, as well as a forum in which they can share their experiences and expertise.

Through communication, events and networking, the organisation's mission is to empower female restaurant professionals and foster career development.

The inaugural event will be held on 10 October at Commune in Sydney’s Waterloo and will feature a panel of female industry professionals including Alex Herbert (Bird Cow Fish), Annette Lacey (Lotus Dining Group), Sarah Doyle (Porteno), Jane Strode (Bistrode), Anthea Loucas (Gourmet Traveller) and Joanna Savill.

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