Treasury Wine Estates has announced the introduction a new portfolio of iconic wines from regional Australia which will form a key part of the company’s global brand strategy.

A second portfolio of wines focusing on ‘regional gems’ from Coldstream Hills, Devil’s Lair, Seppelt, T’Gallant, Heemskerk and Saltram, will be supported by a dedicated team led by regional wine general manager, Christian Sim. The team will be focused on optimising the sales, marketing and value contribution of these regional drops and will also be supported by an advisory panel that includes Australian wine personality, James Halliday.

“We are determined to deliver value growth from our regional gems,” says Sim. “Our ambition is to export 50 percent of our regional gems, and we have increased the Australian vintage intake for these brands by approximately 40 percent this year to help realise their potential.”

According to CEO Michael Clarke, TWE has committed to step-changing the production and promotion of regional wines with 'real heritage and genuine winemaking pedigree'.

“We will reinvigorate and grow these regional ‘gems’ just as we have other brands in our portfolio,” said Clarke. “These brands will have the freedom and the independence to grow – they are treasured, scaleable wines that we will transform into regional champions, sold globally.

“Opportunity exists to think about, manage and invest in these brands differently. Our dedicated gems brand team will consider all options to ensure these brands maximise their value contribution to Treasury Wine Estates.”


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