Kemal Barut (Lezzet Anatolian Kitchen) and Coskun Uysal (Tulum Restaurant) have inked a new deal to combine their businesses. Under the amalgamation both venues will retain their distinct personalities, with different menues, styles of service, fitouts and price points.

The collaboration — which will provide added infrastructure and resources — came about when the two restaurateurs realised they were facing the same challenges. Beyond financial benefits, the duo are united by a common goal; achieving respect and knowledge of their country’s food and its background is a priority.

“Internally, it is an opportunity to tighten our offering and provide an even slicker customer experience. It gives us the resources to make exciting updates and be playful in a way that otherwise may not have been possible”, says Barut.

First up for the pair is a renovation for Tulum. The venue will be reimagined over the break, with Uysal working in close collaboration with Barut on the plans. Taking cues from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the design will feature Turkish lanterns and plush banquets dotted throughout the dining area. The new look will also see Tulum expand its footprint, with new outdoor seating.

“Kemal and I complement each other perfectly: we are yin and yang,” says Uysal. “Kemal has over fifteen years of experience in Australian hospitality and his organisational skills are second to none. His in-depth knowledge of the local dining scene, coupled with a strong background in construction is invaluable for Tulum as we plan major renovations in the next four months.”

Image: Uysal and Barut

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