Global research from Trafalgar shows Australians are looking at myriad cuisines to experience in restaurant settings and at home.

There has been a 46 per cent increase in overall searches for recipes, with African cuisines, specifically from Namibia and Cameroon, coming out on top, seeing a 42 per cent boost from 2019 to 2020.

Japanese cuisine has remained a firm favourite across the board and is the most popular food experience in the country. It saw a 25 per cent increase, with ramen and sushi listed as top takeaway options during lockdown periods.

Chinese, Indian, Korean and Indian round out the most sought-after cuisines, with Korean increasing the most in popularity, enjoying a 40 per cent boost.

In Sydney, trending dishes include Sicilian ice cream cake (2500 per cent), pasta wafu (15200 per cent), American pickles (3005 per cent), ram-don noodles (3150 per cent) and quesabirria tacos (1500 per cent).

Melburnians share the same interest in ram-don (7600 per cent) and American pickles (1582 per cent), with Poblanos Mexican (1793 per cent), Korean sweet potato bread (1050 per cent) and bindaetteok (1117 per cent) generating buzz in the city.

Brisbane diners can’t get enough of banh mi, Lanzhou noodles, cucumber yoghurt dip and beef gyudon, with Caribbean restaurants and Greek takeaway topping the culinary experiences list.

Image credit: Mission Food Adventure