Restaurant Cumulus Inc. in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane is set to welcome back Chef Tom Sarafian for a two week residency from 3-14 August.

Over the course of the two weeks Sarafian will be cooking up dinners from Wednesday to Saturday in addition to Sunday lunches.

The chef has drawn inspiration from his family history as well as his travels across the Middle East and North Africa to create the offering.

Each menu is split up into a range of mezze dishes, mains, desserts and additions.

Dinners will kickstart with BBQ flatbread, pickled cucumber and turnips, goat’s milk labneh and Murray cod shish kebabs with BBQ cabbage skewers and taratoor.

The main course will be BBQ lamb kafta served with flatbread, tomato braised chickpeas and tahini.

The Sunday lunch offering will include anchovy tabbouleh, BBQ scallops and Murray Cod Sayadiyeh with smoked rice, saffron butter, caramelised onions, almonds and pine nuts.

Both lunch and dinner will be capped off with a lemon, saffron and yoghurt cake accompanied by pistachio and sheep’s yoghurt ice cream.

The beverage list has been curated by the Cumulus Inc. wine team who have put together a range of Armenian and Georgian wines, an arak service, and cocktails.

Dinners will be $85pp from 3-6 and 10-13 August.

Sunday lunches will be on 7 and 14 August at $120pp. 

For more details on bookings click here.

Image credit: Cumulus Inc.