Hospitality venues are strictly limited to selling takeaway food and beverages, but social distancing requirements are still in place.

The Australian Government recommends people keep a 1.5m distance between each other at all times, and there are restrictions of 4sqm per person in enclosed spaces.

But this can prove difficult to enforce if individuals are not aware of the need to practice social distancing when they are ordering and picking up food. Here are some tips.

Remove all tables and chairs

Stack chairs and tables and move them to the back of your venue. If a customer spots a chair, they may be tempted to sit down. If your furniture is too heavy to move or fixed to the ground, rope off the area.

Police now have special powers to enforce social distancing measures, and if your venue doesn’t comply, you and the people inside your venue could be fined on the spot. Individuals can be fined $1000 and companies fined $5000.

Display signs

Operators can print out signs requesting customers keep a 1.5m distance between each other when lining up to order. If your venue has street access, encourage customers to wait outside.

Alternatively, use tape or chalk to mark out spots on the ground that are 1.5m apart.

Promote pre-orders

Use your social media accounts to encourage customers to pre-order through your social media accounts or dedicated apps such as Bopple, Hungry Hungry or Hey You.

The major delivery platforms (Menu Log, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, The Fork, DoorDash)  also allow customers to place orders for pick-up.

‘Contactless’ pick-up zones

Use a table or existing counter for contactless pick-ups. Customers are able to walk straight into a venue and pick up their order without stopping and staff can add them to the location as they come out of the kitchen.

Go cash-free

Many venues have already eliminated cash and gone card-only. A tap of the card is much quicker than exchanging cash and doesn’t require any contact between staff and customers.

Image credit: Al Jazeera


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