Italians are known for being overly passionate, expressive people who love just about everything indulgent; wine, pasta, bread, and of course pizza.

They take their pizza very seriously, to the point that they have an established controlling body for pizza known as ‘the associazone Vera Pizza Napoletana’, who stipulate the exact ingredients and methods required by Associazone members worldwide, to produce a traditional specialty guaranteed pizza Napoletana.

Of course here in Australia, our pizza making rules are a little more relaxed, as is evidenced by the breadth of pizza options available that range from the gourmet to as low as $4.95.

As an experienced chef in a restaurant, pub or club, it is hoped (by Italians everywhere) that you take your pizza making seriously, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, paired well together, on a perfectly cooked crust.

Gourmet pizzas with innovative toppings really get the customers excited and on a cost basis, are cheap to produce and quick to serve. So getting your recipes perfected and staying on top of pizza trends is a must for anyone working the pizza oven.

Passionate about pizza, Perfect Italiano™ have designed Club Perfect to bring chefs and those in the food service industry with a free online platform for which to learn new techniques, take and share recipes and implement expert tips that will help you to make the most of your pizza menu.

From food and wine matching, specialty cheese toppings and master classes from award winning ambassadors, Club Perfect along with Perfect Italiano™ cheese, is Australia’s best kept pizza secret.

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