Japanese fine diner Sokyo has long led Sydney’s coveted omakase landscape, and now diners will have an extra opportunity to snag a seat at the counter.

The 20-course menu is a collaborative effort between Executive Chef Daniel Kwak, Head Chef Sanghyeop Kim and Founder Chase Kojima, who curate the menu with a lens that amplifies the best of the best seafood whether it’s short spine uni or otoro.

Alongside sashimi and nigiri, the omakase includes hot dishes including the King George whiting sando, tamagoyaki and chawanmushi.

With just six seats up for grabs, the restaurant’s omakase is in high demand – but guests who miss out will now be able to add their names to a list for two seats at a sitting for the month after.

Three entries and their plus ones will be selected to attend the omakase on a date set by the restaurant.

“We’re excited to be able to open up that experience to more guests,” says Kwak.

“We’re dedicated to honoring traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern spin and creating unforgettable experiences that leave customers wanting to return for more.

“Sokyo’s omakase is just that and offers diners an exclusive front row seat to a theatrical performance.”

To celebrate the new booking system, Sokyo is offering two complimentary seats to the omakase.

The last comment without a response at 6:00pm on 29 March will secure the seats for the 24 April dining experience.