Chefs Federico Zanellato and Karl Firla will open the doors to their highly anticipated second restaurant in Sydney tomorrow.

Ele by Federico and Karl is located in The Star Sydney and has taken the place of Momofuku Seiobo, which closed last year.

The fine diner sees guests experience a multi-course menu set against a backdrop of evolving visual projections inspired by earth, wind, fire and water.

“When we first decided to take over, we were like, ‘How do we make sure every guest that comes through the door experiences all services?’” Zanellato tells Hospitality.

“So we created different areas within the venue for people to move around in. They have to let us guide them.”

The Ele journey begins at the bar where diners enjoy a welcome cocktail and a selection of snacks including sourdough crumpet with Wagyu tartare and confit egg yolk along with potato mille feuille with smoked cod.

The majority of the courses are served in the dining room, with Firla tipping marron as a standout ingredient on the menu.

“We’re using it in two different ways and showing how we can utilise all aspects of the produce rather than just the more well-known components of an ingredient,” the chef told Hospitality.

“The menu platform has progression and it’s part of a story.”

Final dishes are served at the chef’s table, with back of house plating up desserts in front of guests.

Zanellato names Chardonnay Fresh to Frozen as a highlight.

“Chardonnay Fresh to Frozen is a pre-dessert with different grape products from verjuice to wine and grapes in all different textures,” says the chef.

Cocktails play a key role in Ele’s beverage portfolio, and are also inspired by the elements.

Fresh Cut Myrtle sees Brix white rum combined with lemon myrtle, coconut sorbet and Louis Roederer NV Champagne, while So Aerate heroes 30 Starwood whisky with wattle seed tincture, blue gum honey mead and soda.

There is also a selection of wines, aperitifs, ciders, beers and non-alcoholic cocktails.

“It’s going to be something different and I think people will be very interested,” adds Firla. “Ideally, we have gone past all the bumps, and we can do what we really enjoy, and that is cooking for people who enjoy eating.”

Ele’s degustation experience is priced at $255 with two wine pairings ($140pp; $170) also available.

The restaurant is open from 5pm Wednesday to Sunday.

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