The Press Club, George Calombaris’s modern Greek restaurant, celebrates a decade in business on Tuesday 4 October, 2016.

“This is a time to reflect and to acknowledge the hundreds of staff that have come through the doors of The Press Club," said Calombaris. "I am grateful, thankful and so proud of our restaurant and the fact it has made us all so happy over the past 10 years."

The Press Club was named after the historic building's former occupant, the Herald and Weekly Times.

It drew from Calombaris’ classical French training, love of modern cooking techniques and cultural background growing up as a Greek Australian in one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities.

After almost seven years in business, with trophies for The Age Good Food Guide, Best New Restaurant in 2008, along with Chef of the Year and two hat status, the first incarnation of The Press Club closed to make room for GAZI, George’s Greek street food eatery. The new Press Club, which opened in December 2013, reflected the shifting tastes towards intimate, bespoke dining experience, featuring a design by March Studios, complimented by Press Club – Projects; the purposely built development kitchen for The Press Club.

At The Press Club there is always a commitment to Philotimo, a Greek word, which Calombaris describes as meaning “to treat someone as if they were family – to do everything with an inner personal pride, dignity, courage, care and integrity".

To mark the 10th anniversary, Calombaris has transformed into Nikolas, a Greek chef with a surprise to share and lessons to teach. 


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