Kitchens aren’t the safest places when it comes to notebooks. Chefs go through a number of  notebooks every year, often throwing them out once they’ve been hit too many times by slugs of oil or wine.

So what if there was a notebook that was specifically designed to withstand the kitchen environment?

Stone has been designed by chefs for chefs. Not just a pretty face, the notebooks feature stone paper crafted from limestone quarry off-cuts that have been churned into a fine powder before being converted into paper. Pages are encased by a vegan leather cover, making it one of the most durable notebooks in the world.

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Stone features seven key elements that make it stand above the rest.

1. Water and grease proof

Thanks to Stone paper’s unique properties, the pages are immune to water and grease and any other liquids found in the kitchen. Chefs can simply wipe off the liquid leaving no stains or smudging of ink.

2.  Conversion charts

The job of a chef is stressful enough without having to worry about memorising conversions. Stone features conversion tables that cover everything from weight, volume and temperature to liquid, cup and sugar conversions. There’s also a blank supplier list located at the back for you to fill in necessary details.

3. Lay flat design

Smart notebook design and manufacturing means the Stone will lay flat without breaking the spine, making it easy to use with one hand.

4. Perforated pages

Ever wanted to tear off a page without destroying the rest of your notebook? Stone’s pages are lightly perforated, making it easy to rip out recipes or measurements.

 5. Sharpie/pen holder

You never have to risk losing a pen again thanks to an elastic-material pen holder that can stretch to hold pens, pencils or sharpies of all shapes and sizes.

6. Hidden magnets

The stone has two hidden magnets located behind its back cover which are perfect for working on steel kitchen surfaces.

7. Back pocket

Chefs can easily store notes, labels and recipes in the Stone’s back pocket, which is the perfect spot to keep extra materials in one place.

Stone has already gained traction with the world’s leading chefs including Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and Pierre Koffmann who count themselves as Stone customers.

Previously only available in Europe, a Kickstarter campaign means you can now get your hands on your own Stone, just click HERE to order.

Hurry, the campaign ends 8:30am on 27 April to go.






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