A reliable point of sale (POS) solution can make all the difference in the hospitality industry. Business owners need a platform they can trust, while staff members need a system that is intuitive and simple to learn.

With staff turnover in the industry at a notable high, it is now more important than ever before to use a POS solution that requires little-to-no training.

From small neighbourhood cafes, to large chains and franchises, ABACUS understands the struggles and pain points that all businesses experience. As the newest and fastest-growing POS solution company in Australia, ABACUS employs highly-advanced technology to offer the most complete and comprehensive iPad solution on the market.

The team at ABACUS draws upon their experiences in hospitality and retail, and work closely with those in the industry to oil a dynamic and ever-evolving machine. The development team – responsible for having developed many of the POS solutions, loyalty and management programs and rostering systems on today’s market – became frustrated by working with unresponsive

and sluggish platforms. They decided to learn from the mistakes – and utilise the strengths – of the existing POS providers, and create the ultimate POS solution.

The result: ABACUS.

Key benefits:

  • Works in true offline mode. If the internet connection is lost, all operations are completely unaffected.
  • Use your phone to access your sales in real time.
  • NMI compliance allows customers to link up their scales
  • Perfect for delicatessens and supermarkets.
  • Operable on multiple iPads, all in sync. Some customers run 30 iPads at once – all functioning seamlessly without a single server.

Industry experts say it is the best POS solution they have seen on the market.

Visit http://abacus.co for more information and your free trial.


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