TGI Fridays has launched the first of its next generation venues, with a future look restaurant opening at Eastland shopping centre located in Ringwood on 11 October 2018.

Born in New York, TGI Fridays is the quintessential American bar and grill. With venues in 61 countries across the globe, the brand has recently added to its portfolio of Australian outposts with restaurants opening in Newcastle and Perth, and three additional openings on the horizon this year.

“We have piloted our concept in smaller markets, crafted new products, refined the food, developed supply chain, elevated design, and now we’re ready”, says  James Sinclair, CEO of the Signature Hospitality Group, who acquired the TGI Fridays brand in Australia over 12 months ago.

TGI Fridays global culinary team have been instrumental in working on the new menu, including Kevin Miller, global executive chef who was born and bred in New York. The new restaurants bring a resurgence of American BBQ flavours and a strong connection with trends in Australia, such as share style dining.

TGI Fridays Asia Pacific now has 13 restaurants throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, and most recently, Western Australia.

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