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A new flagship TGI Fridays restaurant has launched in Melbourne’s Chadstone Shopping Centre, following other recent openings in Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

James Sinclair, CEO of the Signature Hospitality Group, who acquired the TGI Fridays brand in Australia over 12 months ago, saw an opportunity to transform the brand by reinventing the dining experience in shopping centres. The new restaurants have been designed with the Melbourne food scene in mind.

“TGI Fridays is aligning with the growth of quality entertainment and dining precincts within shopping centres which are the new suburban hub for our communities,” Sinclair says.

“The new concept is something that Melbourne will be proud of and we’re excited to open in the iconic Chadstone Shopping Centre.

“We have piloted our concept in other markets, crafted new products, refined the food, developed supply chain, elevated design, and now we’re ready. I am proud of the quality of cuisine we are providing and am excited to continue introducing new products into the market that I believe will be well received.”

In partnership with Spanish design firm, Livit, Sinclair and his team have developed a new design concept for the brand in Australia, referencing the iconic TGI Fridays American heritage but also embracing contemporary design features such as inviting outdoor spaces, an open kitchen, modern high bars and New York inspired artwork.

TGI Fridays global culinary team have been instrumental in reinventing the menu, including global executive chef, New Yorker Kevin Miller, who is an expert in American cuisine. The new menu brings a resurgence of American BBQ flavours in Australian share style dining and a range of beverage options, including traditional cocktails and a customer-crafted gin and tonic.

Born in New York, TGI Fridays is the American bar and grill brand has now expanded into 61 countries across the globe. The first TGI Fridays hit Australia in 1995.

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