Tealive has launched a bubble tea kit for customers to recreate milk tea beverages at home.

Each kit makes an estimated 25-30 drinks and includes 1kg pearls, 500g brown sugar, 100g matcha along with cocoa powder, straws and tea bags.

The kits come with seven recipes to make drinks including strawberry almond matcha latte, strawberry chocolate soy milk, pearl strawberry tea latte and more.

And for those who want visuals, the brand has uploaded tutorials on their YouTube channel, Tealive TV.

The brand originally launched the kits in Malaysia and decided to do the same in Australia after selling hundreds of in just days.

“We know Australians are enthusiastic bubble tea drinkers, we wanted to launch the kits here to give more people the chance to make and enjoy their favourite drink at home,” says Bryan Loo, Founder of Tealive.

Kits are $74.95 including delivery.



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