Tasmanian Oyster Co. has developed a new CO2-based laser technology to identify the origins of oysters.

The project, which received funding from the Federal Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, will aid in the tracing of products across the globe.

Pacific oysters will now be able to be identified in the market, which mostly comprises farmed oysters (80 per cent).

Oysters will be branded with a logo using the laser technology, which will be offered to Tasmanian producers before it’s rolled out to growers across the country.

“One of the biggest challenges is being able to distinguish our product from others, either here or in export markets,” says Simon Rechner, product manager at Tasmanian Oyster Co.

“An oyster sold in Singapore, Japan and Australia, without something on it to say where it comes from, could be from anywhere – our new technology changes that and gives us a great opportunity post-COVID to grow our brand.”

It’s believed product to price density will increase by $5 per dozen oysters sold and add $7 million to the Tasmanian oyster industry.

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