Not your average turmeric blend. Midas Cup is made from organic, raw spices. It’s 100 percent allergen-free because it’s packed in a pharmaceutical facility; that means no gluten, dairy, soy, sugar or nuts. It also means happy customers.

Golden lattes are the latest obsession in the foodservice industry right now. And ‘2016s drink of choice,' so says The Guardian. The blend was developed to make not only the perfect golden latte, but also the perfect base for cooking – sweet or savoury it’s got you covered. Think tea, smoothies, protein balls, salads, roast veggies, meat, pancakes. Endless possibilities.

Why care? Turmeric has recently (a few centuries late) been named a ‘superfood’. It’s the most powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory. That means it improves recovery time post exercise; assists with digestive issues (IBS, bloating); minimises PMS and joint pain…the list goes on.

The other awesome part? Cinnamon which has been shown to lower blood sugar that may lead to reducing sugar cravings. So not only will Midas Cup help you put down the chocolate bar, it won’t send your stomach into a spin if you can’t help it.

Abundantly nourishing and aromatic; as the name suggests, everything it touches turns to gold. That includes you. Not to mention it’s ideal for the non-coffee drinkers, or those who have hit their caffeine quota for the day, so everyone’s a winner.

Whether this is all new to you, or you’re across the movement already contact for a wholesale sample, discount code, to order or to get more information about the product.


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