Milksha will open its first Australian store in Elizabeth Street in Melbourne on Saturday 21 September.

The chain is known for using fresh milk in their beverages in line with founder Kevin Lin’s background as a dairy farmer.

Peter Huang, general manager of Milksha International, says Melbourne was selected due to its reputation as the ‘foodie capital of Australia’.

“The city is a melting pot of different cultures open to trying new products, which can be seen in its established and growing market of bubble tea lovers,” he says.

The Melbourne store joins 240 outlets across the world in countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The menu will feature five categories: fresh milk, tea latte, specialty (seasonal beverages), yoghurt drink and tea.

The store will use specialty ingredients such as milk from St David Dairy and tea from Taiwan and Sri Lanka. “We believe in providing the best quality ingredients for our discerning customers,” says Huang.

On the sustainability front, 100 per cent biodegradable bamboo straws grown in Taiwan will be used in lieu of plastic straws.








Image credit: Tom Harris

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