A Sydney woman was admitted to hospital with internal bleeding after ingesting glass found in an iced coffee from Brewtown Newtown.

Natalie was enjoying her daily brew before she felt a sharp pain in her throat and realised something wan’t right.

“I realised something was wrong as soon as I started swallowing the mouthful of ice,” she says. “It felt hard and sharp, and just not right.”

After spitting the ice out, she found shards of glass.

The next day, Natalie had passed blood and was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick to undergo a series of tests and procedures.

A medical report confirmed she had suffered “rectal bleeding after ingesting ice/glass”.

Natalie informed both Brewtown and the Food Safety Authority of the incident.

The cafe has indicated their ice supplier could potentially be at fault. Brewtown requested the glass be submitted for analysis to determine if it was from their supplier or glass in-house.

Brewtown also informed Natalie there was an additional incident resulting from ice that occurred in the same week.

The cafe has addressed the situation through Clinch Long Woodbridge Lawyers, who provided a statement to news.com.au.

“Our client greatly regrets that a valued customer had such an experience at Brewtown and is doing its best to determine how it happened so that it can ensure that it will not happen again,” says executive lawyer Patrick Campion.

“Until our client’s investigation is complete, it is not in a position to respond to questions.”

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