Odyssey Bar in Leichardt has been hit with $10,000 in penalties for flouting COVID restrictions.

CCTV footage from the bar shows large numbers of guests standing, talking and dancing in large groups throughout the venue.

The incident took place in October, with Liquor & Gaming hitting the venue with two $5,000 fines.

“It’s hard to fathom how staff could have failed to notice and stop things getting out of hand as patrons had in effect created multiple dancefloors,” said Liquor & Gaming director of compliance Dimitri Argeres.

“The COVID Safe requirements are in place for a reason, and all venues need to make sure they are fully compliant.”

The news comes off the back of a crackdown last week, which saw inspectors visit 74 venues in the south west.

94 breaches were noted by inspectors ranging from the absence of COVID Safe plans to record keeping issues, failing to implement social distancing and not having a present COVID marshal.

“Such a high level of breaches is simply unacceptable and puts at risk all the hard work in containing the spread of COVID-19,” said Argeres.

“One venue had not registered as COVID Safe, had no safety plan, had not recorded any patron details since July, had no conditions of entry and had not spaced seating and tables to allow for physical distancing.

“Another venue had no safety plan and no sign-in register or records kept at all – and perhaps most concerningly, did not understand any of the public health order requirements when questioned by inspectors.”

A total of 25 penalties were issued to 32 businesses.

Inspectors were also out and about last night to ensure venues were complying with state restrictions, with more blitzes set to take place in the coming months.

Image credit: ABC