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In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, pubs, restaurants and cafés across the nation have been forced to adapt their operations quickly in order to survive.

From home delivery to takeaway only and new product offerings, we’re seeing one of the most dramatic shifts in the landscape in Australian history.

To support these changes, other local businesses like Drive Yello are stepping in and stepping up to provide custom, scalable support and innovative solutions.

Known as a reliable, home-grown last-mile delivery platform, Drive Yello helps vendors get their product into the hands and homes of customers.

For the many in the hospitality industry, who haven’t the time or means to implement their own infrastructure, the simple-to-use Yello platform has allowed them to efficiently manage logistics in the current shifting environment, and meet the need for fast, smooth delivery.

Those who sign up can manage their own fleet or book a crowd-sourced courier for an entire shift or single on-demand delivery using the Yello Marketplace, which is essentially a network of qualified couriers, available at the touch of a button.

With an instant quote and estimated pick up time, Yello Marketplace reduces management costs and hours without compromising on the ability to track every order.

“As Aussie businesses adapt to the new world order – either by pivoting to a new approach or scaling up their current offerings to meet increased demand – we’re working hard to help connect the dots between them and their clients,” says Steve Fanale, Founding CEO of Drive Yello.

“We’ve seen a 400 per cent increase in signups from hospitality businesses alone over the past two months, and we’ve employed an additional 3000 couriers to facilitate rising delivery requests.

“As a result, we’ve refined our on-boarding process for couriers and businesses to maximise efficiency, and we’re seeking to raise capital to employ more personnel and build our technology – the ultimate goal being to continue delivering amazing experiences for businesses, couriers and consumers alike.”

The key to Drive Yello’s success has been its simplicity and ability to help vendors scale quickly.

For example, it integrates with POS and online ordering platforms such as Mobi2Go, DeliverIT (DPOS), Ordermate, Order Up, Menulog, Redcat, Mr Yum and Kounta, making it easy to get up and running.

Where integration isn’t possible, the Yello courier app allows drivers to input the customer details for them to track their deliveries straight to their door, so vendors are able to get started almost immediately.

“Drive Yello has been easy to deal with in supporting us through the on-boarding process,” says Ray Esquieres, co-founder and CEO of Roll’d Australia

“Their technology is easy to use and has assisted us with maximising driver efficiency in the last mile delivery, while also giving us more control over the end customer experience.”

Fanale adds: “Our platform allows you to provide an Uber-like experience in a more cost-effective way, with costs reduced by  as much as 50 per cent less per order than other delivery services like UberEats and Deliveroo.

“This means our clients can improve their service for home diners and meet increased demand, all without having to pay exorbitant commissions while setting themselves up for the future because, let’s face it, the desire for convenient delivery is not going away any time soon!”

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