A school in Sydney’s south west has banned students from using Uber Eats, citing safety as the primary reason behind the decision.

Canley Vale High School announced the news on Facebook last week.

“Uber Eats is NOT to be purchased and delivered to the school,” reads the post. “The school does not permit food to be delivered to the school at any time.”

The school also warned students who were caught receiving food through the fence during the school day “will receive consequences”.

A school representative told the Daily Mail the ban was a matter of safety. “Children shouldn’t be approaching someone at the gate,” they said.

According to Uber Eats’ community guidelines, users must be 18 years or older to have an account.

The Facebook post has garnered significant attention and a range of responses.

Here are Hospitality’s picks.

“Can my Dad bring me lunch? He just happens to be an Uber Driver…”

“What a joke. Stop this narcissistic ruling of non-freedom right now and let students decide how they live their lives.”

“With the way canteen prices were going before we left I’m not surprised the kids are using Uber Eats.”

Image credit: AFR

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