A popular Sydney restaurant is in hot water after releasing an Anzac Day-themed promotional email.

Japanese restaurant Toko Sydney sent the email to its subscribers this week which featured the Southern Cross alongside its opening hours for the public holiday.

The email, which also included the words “Anzac Day” and “Lest we forget”, has been met with criticism, with the Returned & Services League (RSL) deeming the advertisement as inappropriate.

Honorary Secretary George Fisher from the City of Sydney RSL branch told news.com.au businesses that use Anzac Day as an advertising opportunity are “flogging the system”.

“They need to be pulled into line,” he said. “They’re saying, ‘Lest we forget … and also bring your money with you because we need it’. It’s a bit naughty, isn’t it?”

Toko general manager Paul Birtwistle responded to the backlash, saying the flyer was simply notifying customers of its opening hours.

“You will see from our flyer that we certainly do not offer ‘promotions’, nor promote our venue other than by letting our customers know that we are open,” he told news.com.au.

“Every year in the lead-up to Anzac Day, we receive multiple inquiries from our patrons asking whether or not we are open for dinner on Anzac Day. To assist our guests, we send an email to our database prior, to let them know that we are open for dinner only.”

Image credit: news.com.au

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