The Sydney Coffee Academy has introduced two new courses: one aimed at baristas which teaches the basics of how to maintain and repair espresso machines, and the second aimed at tradespeople currently in the industry that are looking to upskill.

Patrick Beckitt, course director at the Sydney Coffee Academy says that the courses were created due to a lack of good espresso technical support.

“Most caf owners and baristas, do not understand the operation of their espresso machines and they spend a lot of money calling out espresso technicians to perform simple tasks on their espresso machines, which they could easily do themselves,” says Beckitt. “We decided to design these two courses which would save them money and enable them to take better control of their businesses.”

Ash Kotzen, owner of Sydney Espresso Services will teach the two courses. Kotzen says that the Espresso Machine Maintenance course will allow operators and baristas to better understand the mechanics of the machine to utilise it to its best potential, while the Espresso Machine Maintenance course is perfect for local tradespeople looking to upskill.

“Many rural areas in Australia struggle to find close technical support,” says Kotzen. “This hands-on course introduces the espresso machine to the local tradesperson and allows them to diagnose and effect most repairs.

“Most resorts in Australia and throughout the Pacific have an in-house maintenance person and most have no espresso machine understanding. It is common to find the espresso machine out of order.”

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