A Chinese restaurant located within the Wenty Leagues Club in Wentworthville, Western Sydney, is allegedly at the centre of a food poisoning outbreak.

Close to 35 patrons including 10 children fell ill after dining at the Jasmine Restaurant on 23 September this year, of which three were sent to hospital including two children, and an adult that tested positive for salmonella.

Commenting on the outbreak, Wenty Leagues chief executive Mark Sheridan told News Local that the incident was being managed by the NSW food authority.

“All inspections have been passed to the satisfaction of council and the food authority, and the Jasmine Restaurant continues to trade.”

Speaking with News Local, a spokesperson for the NSW Food Authority confirmed that an investigation was still underway.

“A Prohibition Order relating to the sale of certain food products at the premises was issued by the NSW Food Authority and remains in place,” they said.


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