A pub of epic proportions has opened under Parras Hospitality in the Sydney suburb of Ambarvale.

The Ambarvale Hotel has recently undergone a 12-month renovation and now features a microbrewery, sports bar, bistro and grill and a garden atrium.

Boasting a namesake brewing arm, called Ambarvale Brewing Company, the venue anticipates it will produce more than 68,000 litres of beer each year from sours to stouts.

The Greenhouse is a patio dining space that features a range of potted plants guests can enjoy over lunch or afternoon drinks.

A dedicated dining space is anchored by an open kitchen that will revolve around a wood-fired oven, charcoal grill and rotisserie.

Menu items include chorizo and manchego donuts with smoky chipotle, steaks cooked over charcoal and pub classics such as fish and chips, burgers and chicken schnitzel.

Ambarvale Hotel is open seven days a week from 10am until late.

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