The West Australian government has introduced legislation allowing pubs, taverns and small bars to trade until midnight on a Sunday.

At present pubs can only trade until 10pm on Sundays, unless they apply for an extended trading permit, and Australian Hotels Association (AHA) WA CEO, Bradley Woods, said the Barnett government is to be commended for listening to the electorate.

“For Perth and Western Australia to be considered an international hospitality destination of choice, this type of reform had to occur. Tourism and hospitality as an industry will deliver the most to Western Australia in the future, but only when government finds the courage to act.

“Given the current record levels of investment in WA tourism and hospitality, it makes sense for government to recognise that investment and embrace what can be provided financially for Western Australia,” he said.

Woods said that other “significant” layers of red tape will be removed by the Bill, resulting in reduced administrative and operational costs for businesses.

“’[The] Bill (Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill 2015) also addresses commonsense issues like allowing consumers to traverse unlicensed areas when moving between two licensed areas (for example over a footpath from the bar to an outside alfresco area).

“Overall this is a great first step and one that consumers and business should applaud,” Woods said.

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