A new small bar, Suey Sins, has opened in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

Named after a famous Shanghai call girl, the bar is located on Campbell Street and offers cocktails and Asian fusion ‘small eats.’

“I have spent more of my life travelling in Indonesia, and have some Chinese heritage and I like to think I may be related to a character very similar to Suey Sin,” said 25 year old owner, Eli West. “I love the idea of this seductive, alluring woman who had old world charm and poise but also knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it. I see a bit of that in myself and the young women who drink here.”

The cocktails are inspired by the seven deadly sins, with examples including Lust – white rum, blended pink dragon fruit, coconut water and lemon syrup; and Greed – Suey’s take on a mojito with spice rum, palm sugar, mint, lime and topped with French Champagne.

Two Suey Signature Slushees are also on offer: The Pineapple Express with vodka, kwai feh, pineapple, mint, lime, coconut water; and Frozen Cider.

Australian brews in tinnies and lock necks are also available, each dressed in a token Suey stubby holder.

Suey Sins has teamed up with the Tsuru team to deliver a menu comprising Asian small bites including the Tsuru bao; Mi Goreng spring rolls; deep fried nori vermicelli rolls with lettuce wraps; and lotus root nachos.












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