Live music has long been a fundamental part of the hospitality industry. Restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés and clubs are at the centre of our communities and entertainment can take a venue’s ambience to the next level.

From acoustic performers providing a light soundtrack to three-piece bands holding everyone’s attention, live music can feed a diner’s soul while you feed their stomachs.

Hospitality is all about welcoming strangers and friends alike, but the music industry can seem a tad overwhelming to those outside the fold. Six8 is the missing link, connecting artists and operators directly.

The team at Six8 lives for harmony and wants to see the hospitality and music industries get in tune with one another.

The platform removes the headaches involved with finding, booking and hosting live music at any venue — be it restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés or clubs — making it just as valuable for facilitating relationships as it is for business transactions.

The highly-transparent system allows venues and artists to communicate directly to organise the when, where and how of performances, as well as payment.

Six8’s ‘reliability’ metric rates both artists and venues for professionalism, attitude and other attributes.

Already engage live artists but looking to add a new tool to your current booking practices? Try Six8. Once you’re a host you can do your favourite performers a solid by encouraging them to sign up too.

Don’t engage live artists yet? Six8 doesn’t just facilitate – you’ll find a weekly blog introducing new artists and showcasing established ones to get you started.

Click through to the Six8 website to sign up as a host and book an artist now.




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