Australia’s love of a good burger teamed with the burgeoning demand for meal delivery services has seen a boom in home-delivered burgers.

But do you ever wonder how a burger survives the journey on the back of a bike? Sadly, they often don’t!

The QBA Bun Club, brought to you by Goodman Fielder Food Service, is on a mission to preserve the integrity of home delivered Burgers all over the country!

They’ve teamed up with esteemed chef Colin Selwood to bring you the QBA burger travel test.

As Executive Chef and Owner of The Cottage restaurant in Scone, Colin is passionate about meat – and burgers are no exception – so he has created a list of tips and tricks for creating a burger that will survive the travel test!

Top tips for passing the burger travel test

  1. When making a burger to go, one of the most important ingredients is the bun, so choose a quality product that will hold up. QBA milk buns are perfect for burgers, offering an ideal combination of taste and texture; plus, they have a delicious glazed outer crust, so they hold their shape well.
  2. After cooking your meat patty, let it rest for a couple of minutes to remove any excess juices.
  3. If you’re using tomato, slightly salt each slice to draw out any excess water, before placing it on your burger.
  4. To prepare the burger for delivery, wrap it in paper, so it will breathe, not sweat.
  5. Finally, pop it in a cardboard burger box for extra heat retention and protection – and it’s good to go!

To watch Colin’s complete burger travel test demonstration, head to

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