With countless new bars and restaurants opening their doors, the importance of a strong brand identity has never been greater. Sydney based design studio The Bar Brand People share their top tips for creating a brand that will stand apart from the competition.

  1. Establish a brand story

Everyone remembers a good story. Defining a clear concept for your venue from the beginning will set you up to create a unique and memorable brand. Your story should define who you are, and how you present your offering to your customers. A clearly articulated concept is crucial when briefing interior and graphic designers, as they will be the ones who will visually reinforce your brand throughout the venue and collateral.

The Kittyhawk brand has been built on a solid concept: the WWII fighter aircraft. Every touchpoint ties back to this concept, from the French military-inspired interior to the business cards that can be dismantled and built into miniature Kittyhawk planes. Don’t underestimate your patron’s appreciation for novel experiences – it will pay off.












  1. Create a brand, not just a logo

The logo is only one part of your brand identity. Once you have established a concept, there are many other elements you need to consider, such as colour palette, graphics and tone of voice. Gone are the days where bars and restaurants slap their logo on every available surface.

For the Verandah Bar rebrand, we took the concept of ‘jungle meets Art Nouveau’ to establish a cheeky monkey icon that could be used on uniforms, glassware, signage and printed collateral. This icon became a recognisable brand element without the logo being used excessively.

  1. Don’t miss the opportunities

We live in an age where every customer is a food blogger, so don’t miss the chance for your brand identity to appear in their photos (free marketing!) Lately, we have seen an increase in demand for more unique branded items, such as ice stamps, matchboxes, drink stencils and miniature cocktail bottles. If branded and fabricated well, these little details have the potential to strengthen your brand and make you stand out from the crowd.

The Bar Brand People are a Sydney based design studio specialising in branding for bars, restaurants and hotels.

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