With demand for delivery continuing to soar, hospitality businesses must take ownership of their brands by developing their own online presence.

According to data captured by Deliverit’s database between 1 July 2018 and 1 July 2020, the average value of online orders outstrips in-store orders by 20.56 percent.

The online ordering solution, which also offers a mobile app, found that the average in-store order value was $38.32, while the average online order was $46.20.

In order to truly capitalise on this trend, venue operators should look to online ordering solutions that allow them to create efficiencies, own their brand, reduce their cost of sale and increase revenue.

Deliverit’s online ordering and mobile app solutions provide hospitality businesses with the opportunity to benefit from increased efficiency and revenue.

Unlike other third-party delivery options, operators can use the all-in-one, purpose built Deliverit POS and online ordering system to control brand perception, reduce costs of sale, increase revenue, decrease the chance of erroneous orders or misunderstandings and fully customise menus.

Businesses also own customer data, meaning owners and managers can glean important insights which they can then use for targeted marketing and loyalty drives.

Best of all, the system means operators can focus on what they do best — making great food — while the IT experts at Deliverit take care of the rest.

Discover more about Deliverit’s online ordering and mobile app solutions here: https://deliverit.com.au/online-ordering/