Following on from the success of Umami Pantry retail Miso Pastes, Umami Pantry has launched their products in foodservice sizing offering chefs an Australian, certified organic miso paste.

The foodservice range is launching with two naturally fermented, 100 per cent Australian miso pastes, White Miso Paste and Red Miso Paste, with additional products to be introduced to the range at Foodservice Australia 2021.

The miso pastes are now available in convenient 1.2kg pails and are certified organic, vegan and gluten, dairy, sugar and filler-free.

Made in Tasmania using all Australian ingredients including rice, koji starter, soybeans, salt and alcohol (<2 per cent) from certified organic and biodynamic Aussie farmers, these make an easy choice for chefs to source a delicious product that is made locally from local ingredients. 

Umami Pantry Miso Pastes are the perfect addition to marinades, salad dressings, soups, glazes and sauces, adding depth of flavour and added health benefits. Good-quality miso is highly versatile and will add depth of flavour and umami to most cuisines.

Umami Pantry suggests thinking of it as a complex salt that can be used in place of salt in cooking to enhance and compliment the flavour of sweet, salty, sour and bitter flavours while adding a delicious, rich umami flavour.

Miso is often not front of mind for chefs in the kitchen but is a versatile secret weapon in the kitchen. Salted chocolate? Try choc chip miso fudge brownies for a flavour sensation that your customers will keep coming back for.

The Umami Pantry choc chip miso fudge brownies by Chef Tom Walton are an ever-popular recipe featured on their website using their Red Miso Paste (as pictured).

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Umami Pantry is currently offering free samples of their miso paste to Australian foodservice businesses that are interested in trying their products.

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Image credits: Tom Walton