Chobani Australia has released Chobani Oat Barista Edition to help baristas create the perfect cup of coffee.

Not all dairy-free products can achieve equal results, but Chobani’s Oat Barista Edition is creamy, steams like a dream and offers customers a superior taste.

There has been a steady rise of Australians looking for dairy-free alternatives, and it’s essential for venues to cater to all customers, especially in trying times.

“Our mission at Chobani has always been about bringing better food to all people, and I couldn’t be more excited to share that for the first time in Australia, we’re setting our sights beyond yogurt with the launch of Chobani Oat Barista Edition,” says Lyn Radford, managing director Chobani Australia.

“When we say better food for all people, that includes those looking for non-dairy options, and that’s exactly what Chobani Oat is all about.”

Chobani is encouraging operators to ‘up your oat game’ and is offering foodservice the opportunity to try a case of six cartons for free.

Everyone loves a cup of rich, creamy coffee, so why not give it a go and experience the difference?

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