Let’s not be modest. Australia sets the international standard for excellence in hospitality. Our restaurants, cafes and wineries are world-renowned for good reasons. 

Lately, the Australian hospitality industry has also been setting the tone when it comes to tech-adoption. All across the country, leading hospitality businesses are abandoning the use of outdated whiteboards or scribbled pieces of paper and instead choosing integrated tech stacks to manage their businesses. 

One homegrown tech solution that’s quickly gaining traction is Microkeeper. It’s a tool that goes beyond the classic rostering and clocking software, instead also adding staff onboarding, HR features and fully automated payroll and superannuation in the same package. 

“The amount of time and money we’ve saved since switching to a fully integrated cloud solution is ridiculous.” says Marty Chichester, director at Chichester Restaurant Group, who use Microkeeper for all workforce management and payroll automation across their 3 busy restaurants . “We’ve been able to streamline all touchpoints between staff and the  admin side of our restaurants, all in one spot.”

“Choosing the right technology can help create more time for meaningful work and human connection.” says Jon Arrigo at Microkeeper. “At Microkeeper we believe the right tech stack has to do two things: offer value to your business and be cost effective.”

If you want to keep on top of your game, or are evaluating your tech solutions; Microkeeper is teaming up with award-winning business advisor Aly Garett from All-In-Advisory for a free online session, sharing some of the top software and tech tools that you can’t miss if you run a hospitality business. 

The 30 minute workshop will be held on 10/08 at 02.30PM AEST and will be followed by a live Q&A session. You can register via this link or contact Microkeeper for more info on 1800 940 838.