It’s a brave new world for pastry chefs in 2019, with dietary requests and allergies hitting the dessert section hardest.

Veganism continues to surge in Australia with IBISWorld research indicating sales of vegan food products have soared over the past five years with no sign of abating.

Plant-based proteins such as those developed by BeyondMeat and Impossible Foods, have taken the world by storm. In Australia, Grill’d and Schnitz have recently added meat alternatives to the menu, while vegan quick-service restaurant Lord of the Fries continues to expand its menu of burgers, hot dogs and loaded fries. Later this year, Hungry Jacks will introduce its alternative patty developed in collaboration with CSIRO, and a KFC in the US city of Austin recently trialled plant-based alternative ‘chicken’ nuggets and wings only to sell out in five hours.

But what of desserts? The category has lagged behind, with consumers often disappointed by lackluster attempts to replace animal products including dairy and eggs. De Toni Patisserie has stepped up to the plate, creating a range of vegan desserts.

The brand’s dedication to innovation means their products go beyond the typical ‘raw bar’ options, with high-end desserts that deliver on taste, texture and visual impact. Although a limited range of ingredients can be use, there’s no lack of flavours or textures. In fact, with many of the desserts the different approach means flavours are more intense compared to classic desserts. With less sugar and fat, they’re lower in calories too — a fact that ties in perfectly with the link between veganism and health consciousness.

The eight products come in a various sizes: petit fours, single dessert or big cake.

It’s not just meat-free eating that’s on the rise. Food allergies are on the up too.

Anaphylaxis as a result of food consumption has doubled in the past 10 years and fatalities continue to increase 7 percent each year. While allergies are a serious cause for concern, diner preferences are not be laughed at either.

De Toni Patisserie’s new desserts are also dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free, and almost all of them nut free too. That means (almost) all dietary requirements are covered with one product — so menu developers can breathe of sigh relief.

Visit the De Toni Patisserie site today and say goodbye to limited vegan and allergy-friendly dessert options for your hospitality business. To speak with a De Toni Patisserie representative call 02 9939 8183.