We’ve all seem them and maybe even used them – pizza bases that look less than appetising and are cardboard tasting.

Having spent years in pizza sections and consulting to the hospitality sector on improving efficiencies and increasing revenue, Riccardo Moretti has experienced the challenges the sector faces concerning all things pizza.

Launching RDM Pizza in Australia in 2015, he set about providing solutions for the market, disrupting what was on offer and manufacturing traditional pizza bases and dough for foodservice.

The first product Moretti developed was a pizza base. “It was really about providing a solution for pizza sections or venues that wanted to have a pizza offering where they may not be able to do a dough product or maintain consistency,” he says. “Our bases are designed to work in any kitchen; anyone can make and cook them.”

Bases are available in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for various venues from caterers to restaurants, pubs, clubs and cafes.

RDM pizza bases have been designed in such a way that venues can achieve a high-end pizzaiolo result without needing an experienced pizza chef.

“Each base is handmade with a rustic-style raised artisanal edge – no one will know it wasn’t made behind the scenes,” says Moretti.

The processes RDM utilise allow bases to maintain an artisanal appearance without mass commercialisation.

“Our products are 100 per cent Australian made using premium ethically sourced ingredients from local farmers,” says Moretti. “We also manufacture everything in our Marrickville factory in Sydney.”

RDM don’t add any preservatives or additives to their products and they are 100 per cent vegan-friendly. “Our pizza bases cook almost twice as fast as other brands on the market, with bases cooking in under three minutes and dough in 60 seconds.”

With 12 months freezer life, the bases last up to two weeks in a cool room, making inventory and stock control a greater efficiency. Defrost time is approximately 20 minutes.

There are no other handmade authentic Italian pizza bases on the market made using the processes RDM do. “Our products are made using a sourdough method with a ‘mother’ yeast from prior dough batches,” says Moretti.

RDM are able to use a marginal amount of yeast, and dough is left to naturally leaven and pre-ferment for 48 hours prior to stretching and snap-freezing. The result is a light, easy-to-digest dough.

RDM Pizza is determined to provide quality products and help businesses succeed in the long-term.

For all things pizza, contact the team at RDM Pizza at info@rdmpizza.com.au or visit rdmpizza.com.au