When you run a commercial kitchen, you want it to operate as efficiently as possible. Although a great chef can cook with any equipment, the better suited their appliances are to cooking, the more productive they can be.

There are plenty of reasons why many commercial kitchen operators choose to work with LPG versus electricity.

Here are a few of the benefits that cooking with LPG offers.

Works faster

In a commercial kitchen, time matters. When you cook using LPG, you can access the heat needed instantaneously. It distributes the heat more evenly around your pots and pans. It also cools more quickly, giving you more versatility to regulate the cooking temperatures you need to create delicious meals customers will love.

Easy to control the heat

Gas cooktops are much easier to use than electric – they have a simple dial that determines how much gas you’re using. And once the flame is gone, the heat subsides, so you’re in better control of the heat. Also, a gas ring makes it ideal for cooking with any pots pans that don’t have a flat bottom like a wok.

Perfect flavours

More than just the heat you need to cook delicious food, a gas stove cooktop is excellent for charring veggies like capsicums. A gas oven also provides moisture heat that’s great for cooking roasts without drying them out.

Power outage ready

Although most commercial kitchens will operate with a backup generator, if things do go wrong and you’re without power, you can rest assured that customers will still enjoy fine dining with gas. Manually ignite the burners with a lighter, and you’ll be able to continue cooking – even if it’s by candlelight.

What’s the difference between LPG and natural gas?

Monitor your usage

If you purchase your LPG through a reputable company like Elgas, you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to have sufficient gas to run your business at all times. They offer a dedicated service that monitors your usage and will deliver a top up before it’s needed, giving you peace of mind that you’re not going to run out of gas on your busiest night.

Cost benefits

The costs of running a restaurant or hotel can quickly add up, and with the increasing cost of electricity, you want to take advantage of ways to save money.

If you run a restaurant or hotel, keep in mind that LPG isn’t only for kitchen appliances. You can also use it to control your central heating and hot water systems, producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions and lower usage rates than electricity. If efficiency is the priority in your commercial kitchen, consider Elgas to help you enjoy the benefits of LPG gas.